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Faculty Positions in Statistics and Computer Science at the University of Toronto

Several Assistant Professor positions are open at the University of Toronto, in Statistics and areas of Computer Science related to Statistics.

The suburban Scarborough campus of the University of Toronto has a position for an Assistant Professor in any area of Statistics. Faculty at Scarborough teach undergraduate courses at the suburban campus, but Statistics faculty there also spend much time at the Department of Statistical Sciences on the downtown campus, teaching graduate courses, supervising graduate students, attending research seminars, etc.

There is a position in Computational Biology at the downtown campus joint between the Department of Computer Science and the The Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research.  There are many research groups at the University of Toronto also working on computational biology, including significant interests within Statistics, Biostatistics, the Machine Learning group in Computer Science.

There is also a position in Computer Science on “Big Data”, broadly interpreted.  You’ll note at the link that there are also two other Computer Science Assistant Professor positions open (at the two suburban campuses).  And there’s also a position for a lecturer (full-time teaching faculty, with a permanent appointment, subject to performance review) .

U of T has recently recruited two new faculty in Statistics and Machine Learning — Ruslan Salakhutdinov and Raquel Urtasun.  They join the existing faculty interested in Machine Learning, who include Geoffrey Hinton, Richard Zemel, Brendan Frey, and myself.

The deadline for applying to the Assistant Professor position in Statistics is December 10.  For the Computer Science Assistant Professor positions, the deadline is January 10, and for the lecturer position, the deadline is January 15.

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Pipes at U of T


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